Events in Naples Italy on May 2009

Maggio dei monumenti 2009

Discovering Napoli is to read their story, told from every monument, every old building, every cloister. 
In a few cities around the world, apart from naples,  two thousand years of history can be read and lived in  so little space, and with such wealth. 

The journey to discover Naples is organized into several dimensions, from the horizontal, which ranges from the port to the historic center, the vertical, 
that starting from the hill of Vomero falls down, it passes through the soil, reaching the underground city, which, with its tunnels and its natural cavity 
is a fascinating, mystical and mysterious world apart. 

This year, the fifteenth edition of the May of Monuments is a particular journey, the discovery of  monuments with the people that tell you, decode for you the language, signs of this city:
every weekend of the month, the narrators Napolitain meet the public in places they have chosen for the occasion and that inspired some of their works.





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