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Neapolitan Breakfast, Pastry and coffee

At least for a day, try to have breakfast in town, there are a lot of coffee bar around of high level.
In Naples, more than in any other place in Italy, coffee is an essential rite and its preparation is done with extreme care. If you can, ask to prepare an espresso coffee made by "neapolitan machine": it's fantastic!
You can follow it with a most famous specialty of Neapolitan pastry, as the Sfogliatella riccia, a crunchy pastry shells filled either with ricotta cheese or with pastry creambut.

breakfast in naples neapolitan coffee

To taste in absolutely is a famous Pastiera Napoletana, easter pie filled with ricotta cheese flavoured with candied fruits, cinnamon and orange blossom essence.

In every bar you'll find a wide choice of sweet temptations, including Babà rum, a mushroom-shaped piece of grown paste, soaked with an orange flavoured mixture of rhum and water, or Struffoli, sweet fried dumplings massed into a cone and held togetherwith honey, and the famous Zeppole di San Giuseppe, puffy pastry fritters filled with cream and topped with a cherry.

pastry in naples Take the address of the best pastry shops in Naples

Delicious dishes to taste 

To enjoy these dishes, try to go to one of the many inns or taverns Naples, because they are poor food, but delicious, these are not offered at the restaurant. to try!

mozzarella in carrozza

  • Mozzarella in carrozza : a slice of mozzarella cheese pressed between two slices of bread, dipped in beaten eggs, coated with breadcrumps and fried in hot oil.
  • Spaghetti "alla puttanesca" : spaghetti seasoned with olive oil, red pepper flakes, minced anchovies, black olives, rinced capers and tomatoes.
  • Spaghetti and clams, seasoned with fresh clams in shells, fresh cherry tomatoes and parsley.
  • Pasta e patate con provola : obtained cooking short pasta with diced potatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes and smoky provola cheese.
  • Paccheri ai frutti di mare: flat pasta seasoned with seafood, fresh tomatoes and parsley.
  • Impepata di cozze : mussels cooked in their juice with lemon, parsley and black pepper grains.
  • Baccalà alla napoletana : salt cod with tomato, black olives, raisins, pinenuts, capers and garlic.
  • Minestra maritata : a winter dished obtained seasoning scarola, chicory, fennel and celery with pecorino cheese and pancetta.
  • Polpi affogati : baby octopus cooked in boiling salt water, olive oil, tomatoes and hot pepper.
  • Peporoni imbottiti : or red and yellow bell peppers stuffed with anchovies, breadcrumbs, black olives, capers and garlic.

pastry in naples Take the address of typical restaurants in Naples

Pizza and snack

The stalls offer a variety of appetizing to take away from fried zucchini flowers to Arancino rice.

napoli pizza

Practically everywhere you can enjoy a good pizza. In September, held an event called Pizzafest, a competition between Pizzaioli very heartfelt, with final awards for the best pizza in Naples.


Ice Cream

Among the best places to enjoy a good ice cream there are Fantasia Gelati, in Vanvitelli square, La Scimmietta, in Trieste e Trento square and the chalet (kiosks) of Mergellina.


Tips for eating in Naples :

Naples offers restaurants for all tastes and all budgets.
Neapolitans have the cult of good food. They devote great attention to food preparation and when eating out, they are demanding.
For restaurateurs customer satisfaction is a point of honor, for this, you can enjoy dishes prepared well almost everywhere.

On this page are listed by type of cuisine. 

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Bar and Coffees

Caffè Gambrinus - - Read users reviews

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Via Chiaia 1 - 2 ( Trieste e Trento square) - Phone: +39 081 41.75.82
Watch Caffè Gambrinus photos on Flickr Visit official site look at the map where is located this caffè! zone: Centre/Plebiscito

Caffè del Professore - - Read users reviews

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Trieste e Trento square, 46 - Phone: +39 081 40.30.41
Watch Caffè del Professore  photos on Flickr look at the map where is located this caffè! zone: Centre/Plebiscito

Old Caffè Mexico - - Read users reviews

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Via Scarlatti, 69 - Phone: +39 081 556.58.65
look at the map where is located this caffè! zone: Vomero


Caffè Novecento

Gran Bar Riviera

Gran Caffè Aragonese

Gran Caffè Duomo

Gran Caffè la Caffettiera

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Elegant Restaurants


Ciro a Santa Brigida

Culti Spacafè

La Bersagliera

La Nuova Sacrestia


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Typical Restaurants

Antica Osteria Pisano



Europeo Mattozzi

Fratelli la Bufala

La Tana dell'Arte

Locanda del Grifo


Osteria Castello

Osteria da Carmela

Terrazza Calabritto




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Pizza and cheap restaurants

Acunzo no rate add your review

Al 53 no rate add your review

Antica Pizzeria dell'Angelo no rate add your review

Antonio & Antonio no rate add your review

Brandi no rate add your review

Ciro a Mergellina no rate add your review

Da Michele excellent! add your review

Farinella no rateadd your review

Il Sorbillo excellent! add your review

Lombardi a Santa Chiara no rate add your review

Marino no rate add your review

Masaniello no rate add your review

Port'Alba no rate add your review

Trianon Pizzeria no rate add your review

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Napoli's Fast Food

Di Matteo

Friggitoria Vomero

La Focaccia


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Pastry and Ice Cream shops

Chalet Ciro

La sfogliatella di Mary

Pasticceria Scaturchio

La scimmietta

Fantasia Gelati


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